My Time
Two months ago, my clock at home stopped working. And they are still standing there. It comforts me - I don't hear ticking. And nothing changes on their dial. The hands froze in one position and when I look at them, I feel cozy.
I don't want to go anywhere. I don't want to go to the future, I don't want to go to the past. I want to be here always. This is my comfort zone - a room, a bed, a table, and 18:55 on the clock.
I know you can't stop time, but I don't want to fight myself, trying to force this postulate on me; pulling myself out of the zone and changing the battery in the clock. I don't want to and I won't.
Because for me, the era of achievement has passed, the era of motivation has passed. It's time to feel. To feel and just live. Life has acquired a new value and quality for me - I like that it just exists, and its shades and nuances have lost their former meaning.
And still, I know you can't stop time. Yes, I don't want to do it because some part of me still hopes for the best and wants it to come as soon as possible.
This part rejoices in spring, the sun, and the reviving nature. It is she who is responsible for me to continue to feel. To feel and just live.
And no matter what I do - you can't stop time. It will go and go in its turn, changing winter to spring, raising and lowering the sun beyond the horizon, reviving and killing nature.
I can't stop time.
But I can stop this ticking.
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